“The techniques I learnt have helped me to cope with exam stress so much better. I now understand what helps me to stay calm, and equally importantly what doesn’t help me”. Year 11 pupil

“The lessons were different from any other lesson in the week because it was all about our experiences and we did not need to worry about being good or bad at it”. Year 6 pupil

“I loved the mindful games, they were fun”. Year 4 pupil

“Mindful eating was brilliant. I have never enjoyed an orange so much, it’s incredible that something so simple can be that enjoyable”. Year 7 pupil

“Learning mindfulness has been like doing Pilates for my soul. I can feel the beginnings of a stronger emotional core. I understand myself better too”. Mindfulness for life participant

“The thing I remember learning that I still try to do is to really try and listen to my friend when he is talking, so I put down my phone more often. Mindful listening really helps us when we are stressed”. Year 10 pupil

“The Mindfulness workshop taught me that I can control my own mind much more than I realised. I had no idea how many famous and successful people use mindfulness meditation – even  the amazing Le Bron James!” Year 7 pupil on a Skills day.

“It was good to hear that my son was learning about how his brain works. I had never thought about it before, but it makes complete sense for schools to help children to understand and manage their minds. Personally, I found the short meditation that Ros guided us through was helpful as a parent, I realised how I too need to be calm and in control when I am dealing with my son’s exam stress or lack of revision.”
Parent feedback after a workshop for Guardians and parents of Year 11 pupils.